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Sunperian 12-Pack 4 inch Square Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Light J-Box 5 Color Options 10W 750 Lumens Dimmable Wet Rated

Sunperian 12-Pack 4 inch Square Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Light J-Box 5 Color Options 10W 750 Lumens Dimmable Wet Rated

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SELECTABLE COLORS - Picking a color for your recessed ceiling lights can be a hassle when you are not sure what to go with. Sunperian LED recessed light fixtures give you the ability to choose between 5 different color temperatures with just a flick of the switch. located on the included junction box. You could use 2700K warm white. 3000K soft white. 3500K natural white. 4000K cool white. or 5000K daylight until you find the adjustable color that fits your space just right. EASY INSTALL - Get your 4 inch LED recessed lights setup in your home with a complete package that does not require recessed cans or housings. Simply use the included template to cut the 4.17 inch round hole size needed. hardwire the junction box to your home line. choose your desired color and then place the junction box and trim light panel in your ceiling with the spring loaded clips for a clean. flush to ceiling finish. Only 1.4 inches of clearance space is needed during installation. DIMMABLE - Adjust your interior lighting with the use of an LED dimmer to go from 100% full brightness all the way down to 10% gentle lighting. You will be able to control your square LED retrofit kit at any time and be able to set the lights to whichever output currently suits your preference. LONG LIFE - Benefit from the use of each LED downlight which will keep your house bright for the next 45+ years. based on 3 hours/day use. With it's 50.000 hour lifetime rating. you can continue your daily routine without worrying about the canless LED recessed light turning off or needing a replacement anytime soon. Ideal for use in your bedroom. bathroom. kitchen. living room. garage. basement. remodel. soffit. under eave. low profile and shallow ceiling. and more indoor and outdoor spaces DEPENDABLE - Sunperian provides energy efficient lighting and environment friendly solutions to meet your daily lighting needs. Each slim recessed LED lights come with a 5 cct selectable color option switch. dimming capable. integrated LED lighting. 110 beam angle. and 50.000 hour 45+ year rated lifetime. We also believe each product should have great protection to live up to our quality standards. Our lights come ETL listed. wet rated. IC insulation contact safe. and have a 5 Year Warranty.

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