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Pre-Workout - Blue Razz Slushie (14.6 Oz. / 30 Servings)

Pre-Workout - Blue Razz Slushie (14.6 Oz. / 30 Servings)

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FOCUSED ENERGY: Podium Nutrition. Fuse Preworkout powder is a full disclosure pre workout powder formulated with premium ingredients to deliver smooth energy. and mental clarity without the crash or jumpiness of other preworkout products. Can help improve energy. focus. performance and endurance..FREE OF BANNED SUBSTANCES: Podium Nutrition. Fuse Pre Workout contains no banned substances. Whether training for high school sports. crossfit competitions. collegiate sports or everyday wellness - our pre workout is suited for all activities. Trusted by our athletes: Mat Fraser. Justin Medeiros. Craig Richey. The Buttery Bros - Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers and many more..PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Podium Nutrition. Fuse Pre Workout contains: L-Citrulline - to improve blood flow throughout the body which benefits muscular endurance. Beta Alanine - to buffer acid build up in muscles which you work longer and harder. ElevATP - to promote increased power output and reduce performance decrements. Taurine - a conditionally essential amino acid that helps maintain proper electrolyte balance in cells. improve athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue.HELPS SUPPORT A HEALTHY BODY: Improved explosive energy. enhanced muscular endurance. no post workout crash. Podium Nutrition. Fuse preworkout is a full disclosure preworkout supplement. Please see below for a full list of all ingredients and their benefits.

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